Close your eyes and say goodnight
And hold me '
til the morning light
And when the sun comes shining through
I'll kiss you
One last time
And I'll begin to live my life without you

Wish that I could make you stay
But I have no power to persuade 
The heart will do what it must do
So kiss me

One last time
And tell me how to live my life without you

'Cause I love you
Without an ending
Cause I need you
te be my everything
Tell me the meaning of a life without you with me

When the night falls
I'll still be standing
'Cause you'll always
Be right here in my heart
And in my deepest memories
I won't ever have
te be
Without you

Love is like a work of art
Once you feel it and you hold it in your heart
You know forever that it's true
So kiss me

For always
Even if I live my life without you

Laura Pausini

RIP Noekk, Senna, Abby, Fox en Indy